CLAY Components


About The Teachers Guide

-The CLAY curriculum is designed to work around our Teacher’s Guide. Each Teacher’s Guide contains 9 lessons, intended to contain enough material to span about a semester when taught on a bi-weekly basis. Each lesson contains a basic introduction, a clear life or leadership principle to be taught, and a depth of material to foster group discussion, self-examination, and personal growth for each student. Some examples of topics addressed in the CLAY curriculum are: Leadership, Integrity, Discipline, Attitude, Perseverance, Mentorship, and many more. The Teacher’s Guides are structured in an outline format, making them clear, concise, and easy to follow. The layout allows for flexibility in timing and discussion, leaving space for more or less discussion of points based upon the timeframe of each possible setting for the class. In addition to teaching and discussion points, each lesson contains writing segments for individual thought and reflection. At the beginning of each lesson the students are encouraged to think about that lesson’s nominative principle and to write down their thoughts about what it means. At the end of each lesson there is a “Journey” segment, where the student is encouraged to reflect on what has been taught and where they are currently in their lives. There is an accompanying Powerpoint/Keynote presentation for each and every lesson in each manual, and the manual includes corresponding slide numbers for each point.

About The Powerpoint & Keynote presentations

-Each volume of the CLAY curriculum comes with audiovisual presentations in either Powerpoint or Keynote format, depending on your computer system of choice. These presentations are designed to be utilized alongside the teacher’s manual, to facilitate interaction and comprehension in the classroom or small group setting. Each lesson presents a new principle for leadership that is more clearly and dynamically presented through engaging graphics and music. The presentations include segments with music to accompany the writing portions that are contained in each lesson, to foster an atmosphere conducive to thought and reflection. Each point on the Teacher’s Guide is accompanied with corresponding slide numbers, to ensure that the two work seamlessly together.

About The Student Handout

-Each lesson in the CLAY curriculum comes with a student handout that has been created specifically for that lesson, as an aid to the students as they interact with the concepts that are being taught. It is critical to the learning and growing process that students be able to participate with what they are learning, through vocal feedback as well as through written feedback. The handout gives the student a space to record this written feedback, through both open, general questions about the subject matter as well as through specific, fill-in-the blank questions that help with focusing on the specific concepts being shared by the teacher and the visual presentation.