Mission, History & Values


Our Mission

CLAY Student Leadership is committed to Caring Loving All Youth (CLAY), providing leadership curriculum designed to transform the lives of students and parents in at-risk communities.


Our History

Stirred by the alarming dropout rates, founders of, CLAY Student Leadership a dynamic organization, envisioned a program geared towards helping families lead successful lives by instilling simple and applicable leadership values. In 1997, CLAY Student Leadership began as a leadership class for English as a Second Language (ESL) students at a local high school in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Garnering the respect of school administrators for its effectiveness and unique approach, CLAY Student Leadership expanded to other area high schools serving students and families of diverse backgrounds. Since then, CLAY Student Leadership has impacted more than 8,000 students and parents through relevant leadership-training curriculum designed to support schools in serving disadvantaged youth and their families.


Our Values

The following values describe the manner in which CLAY seeks to accomplish its mission. These principles are highly valued by CLAY and will not be compromised. This is how CLAY chooses to be known by its staff, partners, and supporters.


We value integrity. We define integrity as a commitment to honesty and see the placement of value upon individuals as key to successful relationships.


We value partnerships and alliances with organizations that share our vision. We partner with those who share a passion for equipping students and their parents.


We value life-long relationships. We believe that positive relationships are the foundation and conduit by which credibility and trust are established.


We value relevancy. Through observation, continuous interaction, experience, and research, CLAY develops cutting-edge resources for training students and parents.


We value transformed lives. Transformation is accomplished through the process of empowering students and parents, by providing them with quality training and relevant resources. We believe that as individuals are changed, communities will be transformed.


We value individuals with diverse backgrounds, gifts, talents, and cultures, and with unique personal stories.