Dear donor:

Each year Clay continues to advance its mission of impacting this generation one leader at a time. Through our programs we provide leadership training and resources to students, youth leaders and parents throughout the world.
Because of the need and lack of values within the Junior and High School students, Clay Student Leadership was created to be able to reach this generation with a language that they understand and listen too. We use programs that are attractive to them, full of energy, music, challenges, and values. We have the mission to inject young people with the desire to better themselves academically, by offering them programs that helps them with their education after their done with High School. Your generous donation has helped many lives changed for the better.

Our goal is to continue to make a difference in our communities, families and schools. With the help of donations from supporters and friends such as you we will continue to see transformed lives.
Thanks for your generous support of our efforts as we strife together to impact this generation one leader at a time.


Abel Lopez