CLAY R3 Accelerated Curriculum


About R3:

The R3 Curriculum is a six-week program developed for students most at-risk of dropping-out of school, CLAY Student Leadership’s R3 accelerated curriculum restores students’ drive to live, succeed and fulfill their life purpose. R3 positions students as leaders who take responsibility for their actions and positively contribute to their communities.


R3 Objectives:

The R3 accelerated curriculum is based on the following three principles and objectives:

  • Reach: Reach students where they are in life
  • Reason: Shift students’ decision-making paradigm from emotion-driven decisions to reason-based decision-making
  • Release: Release students to their communities as transformed leaders and agents of change


Core Components:

Weekly Classes

Students meet weekly for six weeks, each week to learn a leadership value that serves as a foundation for healthy decision-making

Consistent Mentorship

Trained course facilitators offer consistent and compassionate mentorship

The Unchangeable Truth

A fundamental principle that must be applied in order for each leadership value to have significance


Incorporated to each presentation as a universal language to affirm each leadership value


Students reflect on what they have learned, set practical action-steps and express where they are in life

Action Steps

Students determine action steps to apply each leadership value


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